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Generating VMware Web Service Proxies for .NET

VMware /

The current VMware 5.1 SDK no longer redistributes pre-built .NET proxies, just the source WSDL. Not a problem you may think (the WSDL tool or Visual Studio “Add Service Reference” is not so hard use). However, according to their documentation, unless you manually edit the WSDL generated files you could suffer long hangs when your application …

Discovering Ubuntu Package Names For Perl Modules

Linux /

Differences in Linux distributions can cause trouble installing dependency packages for Perl modules. Many times you’ll find references to YUM packages which work in Linux builds such as CentOS, but don’t work in Ubuntu. But there is an easy solution… I came across a nice trick here which explains how to use the online Debian repository …

Scorching Source Code

Microsoft Visual Studio /

After much experience of the issues related to switching between different PCs with Visual Studio source bound solutions, I was pleased to find the “scorch” feature of Visual Studio Team Foundation Power Tools. Previously Visual Studio just didn’t clean itself up properly. This would leave duplicate and extra files when deletes or renames occurred on other PCs or …

Installing Linux On Hyper-V

Microsoft Hyper-V /

Installing a supported Linux distribution (typically CentOS or RedHat) as a virtual machine on a Microsoft Hyper-V server may require Linux Integration Services to run efficiently and use network adapters without un-necessary (legacy) software emulation. Running without the virtualization drivers loaded will not only waste the power of the host, but run slower, cause issues with the …