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How to Setup Windows 8 with UEFI BIOS in UEFI Mode

Microsoft Windows Setup /

People who bought new computers after 2012 probably have UEFI compatible BIOS, however it was probably not enabled when you installed your operating system. The default boot and setup mode for most operating systems (at time of writing) is still legacy BIOS. The Windows setup procedure (versions 8, 8.1 and 10 preview at time of writing) also defaults to non-UEFI …

Script To Get Specific DHCP Subnet

Microsoft Windows Networking /

Sometimes, especially in corporate networks, you may find yourself in a situation where you receive multiple DHCP offers for different subnets from one or more DHCP servers. The worst case I experienced included different firewall rules depending on which DHCP subnet you were issued, making network connectivity like a lottery! Unfortunately there is no way …

Discovering Ubuntu Package Names For Perl Modules

Linux /

Differences in Linux distributions can cause trouble installing dependency packages for Perl modules. Many times you’ll find references to YUM packages which work in Linux builds such as CentOS, but don’t work in Ubuntu. But there is an easy solution… I came across a nice trick here which explains how to use the online Debian repository …