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Configuring The Outlook PST Backup Add-In To Work With Office 2010

Microsoft Office /

The very useful Outlook Personal Folders Backup Add-In at first appears not to work on Office 2010. When you try to install it the options dialog will be missing from the menu and you will not be reminded to backup when closing Outlook. Actually the menu is still there, moved across into the “Add-Ins” tab …

Easy Way To Fix SQL Server DBCC CHECKDB Consistency Errors

Microsoft SQL Server /

I had a production database with several consistency errors (after a hardware failure and recovery of the files from the volume). After searching many solutions pointing to low level repair commands, and even trying the REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS option (which did not work even though it is supposed to as a last resort) I came across the …

How To Download CoPilot Map Updates Direct To SD Card

Microsoft Windows Mobile /

CoPilot Live is great, but downloading the 2GB+ maps to Windows Mobile via the normal ActiveSync connection (even with Windows Mobile 6.5 enhanced networking enabled) can take an entire day (if it is not interrupted by your PC, mobile or connection)! The CoPilot Central GUI suggests you should download large maps directly to the SD, …