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Fix for XML Serialization Assembly Generation in Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft .NET XML /

XML serialization assembly generation greatly improves start-up performance of web service proxies. The Framework already supports generation and use of serialization assemblies via the SGEN command or MSBuild task. Visual Studio also purportedly supports this “automatically”. However it doesn’t work because by default it decides whether or not to generate the assemblies based on a …

Reasons to run Visual Studio 2010 as Administrator (UAC issues)

Microsoft Visual Studio /

Unfortunately Visual Studio 2010 (even SP1 level) is still not fully prepared for Vista and Windows 7 UAC (User Account Control – basically where the Administrators group membership is ignored until you “elevate”). Here is my list of why not, which you can use in case you need to justify it: First open of solution …

Crazy Default In ODP.NET OracleCommand Causes Parameter Errors Converting From Microsoft To Oracle Provider

Oracle Database /

So you are forced to switch from the (good old reliable and processor agnostic) Microsoft provider for Oracle data access to the Oracle provider for .NET programming because Microsoft decided to ditch (depreciate) theirs in .NET 4 / Visual Studio 2010. Then you should be aware of this disturbing difference in default behavior with the …

Oracle .NET Development Requirements

Oracle Database /

Since the .NET Framework version 4.0 Microsoft depreciated their Oracle data provider. This means only the “ODP.NET” (Oracle Data Provider for .NET) is officially supported for development and deployment of production software. Oracle does fully support .NET which is good. But unfortunately they have not been able to build an “AnyCPU” release of their data …

XML Serialization Assembly Generation With Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio /

The built-in option to “generate XML serialization assembly” in Visual Studio does not work. It only works for SOAP web proxies and this seems to have been hard-coded by Microsoft and they are not changing it. The open Microsoft Connect bug reports have been outstanding since Visual Studio 2008 was released and still exists in …