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Updated Ports Required For Remote Debugging With Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Microsoft Visual Studio /

I recently discovered TCP port 2922 is also required to successfully setup a remote debug session from Visual Studio 2008 SP1 to a Windows 2003 machine. According to the Wizard and documentation this port is not mentioned, and searches on the internet describe it as “CESD Contents Delivery Data Transfer”. Normally I would expect to …

Configuring Oracle SQL Developer for large files (fix out of memory errors)

Oracle Database /

If you work with large SQL files in Oracle SQL Developer you will get out of memory errors from the Java VM it runs within. To fix this problem, you need to increase the Xmx (maximum heap size) from the default 128MB. If you start SQL Developer by creating a desktop shortcut to SQL Developer.exe, …

ADO.NET Entity Framework Issues & Workarounds

Microsoft ADO.NET /

I have been developing with the LINQ and the ADO.NET Entity Framework for quite some time now, and whilst it "works" in the simple sample applications, most developers will quickly come against odd behaviours or errors. I have submitted the following issues to Microsoft which explain all the bugs or usability issues, hopefully they will …