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Configuring The Free Outlook PST Backup Tool From Microsoft For Multiple Users

Microsoft Office /

If you keep all your emails, contacts and appointments in local Outlook PST (Personal Folders) then you should be running a backup tool regularly (every day I think). I recommend the free Outlook Personal Folders Backup Add-In from Microsoft. There is no need to pay for third party tools unless you want more than basic …

O2 Germany UMTS & MMS Settings

Service Providers /

Konfigurationsparameter für Vertragskunden (UMTS) Wenn Ihr UMTS unterstützt, müssen die folgenden Parameter eingestellt werden: Einstellungen MMS UMTS Name: (Profilname) o2 MMS Datenträger Paketdaten APN: (Zugangspunkt): internet Benutzername: nicht notwendig Passwort: nicht notwendig IP Adresse: (Proxy Adresse:) (Gateway Server:) IP-Port: für WAP 1.x Handy (Proxy Port:) (Gateway-Port:) 9201 IP-Port: für WAP 2.0 Handy: (Proxy-Port:) (Gateway-Port:) …

Fixing “Unidentified Network” (Public Network Restriction) With Virtual Network Adapters

Microsoft Windows Networking /

If you have a virtual network adapter installed on Windows Vista or later it will usually be detected as connected to an “Unidentified Network”. In good old “Mr. Clippy” fashion, this time the “Network Location Awareness” feature, the decision if your network is “safe” has been taken away from you and since Windows 8 has no option in the GUI to …