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BeagleBone Black Serial Debug Connection

BeagleBone Black /

The BeagleBone Black has a built-in debug header allowing you to connect via a serial terminal emulator. Not only does it allow you to view low-level firmware pre-boot and post-shutdown/reboot messages, but it also acts as a fully interactive Linux console once the operating system has started. This post demonstrates with pictures and software links how to quickly setup …

Setting-Up Raspberry Pi for Headless Mode with X11VNC

Raspberry Pi /

If you own a Raspberry Pi and want to use it in “headless” mode (without a display) you’ll probably want more than just an SSH command shell to administer it. Many people install TightVNC however this doesn’t provide connectivity to the root display interface, only to virtual secondary interfaces. Only the root interface behaves like a …

Fixing Robotics Developer Studio 4 To Run With Kinect SDK v1.7

Microsoft RDS (Robotics Developer Studio) /

The current (and slightly outdated) Robotics Developer Studio 4 was built with Visual Studio 2010 for the earlier versions of the Kinect SDK. Because the first thing you do is run “SamplesBuildAllSamples.cmd” this was not a problem with earlier SDK versions (references were updated automatically during the build). Unfortunately some breaking changes have occurred in …

How to Setup Windows 8 with UEFI BIOS in UEFI Mode

Microsoft Windows Setup /

People who bought new computers after 2012 probably have UEFI compatible BIOS, however it was probably not enabled when you installed your operating system. The default boot and setup mode for most operating systems (at time of writing) is still legacy BIOS. The Windows setup procedure (versions 8, 8.1 and 10 preview at time of writing) also defaults to non-UEFI …